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Integration is the goal.
Innovation is the result.

Our goal is to create a Not for Profit coaching and teaching center that integrates the less fortunate who are on fixed incomes and need some part time work in order to gain a better life for themselves, with start-up businesses that need part time workers to get their ideas off the ground.


Instead of redistributing the wealth, we want to redistribute the opportunity to create wealth.

Innovation starts with individuals. Vision and purpose start with individuals. Individuals can then share their vision and purpose with others and inspire a common vision and a common purpose. But not all individuals have the same chance in this society.

Business is the act of production. Business provides products and services that improve the quality of life for everyone. Before anyone can redistribute anything, someone has to produce it.

Everything can be done better. That is reality, that's what moves society forward. It's simple logic. It is not criticism. It is not saying that we have been doing things wrong. New technologies combined with seasoned experience can invent ways to do things better. So how and where do we create a space to combine these things?


What can you bring to the table?

The word soulcraft is a word that speaks not to the type of work, but to the intensity and love that is used in doing it, that that the work speaks to your soul. You feel good for having done it. The level of self achievement that comes with it is measurable and universal.

Any work can qualify, but soulcraft takes time, some work only becomes soulcraft over a career. Cooking for your family is work, but creating family bonds and traditions over dinner time is soulcraft. Just the same, writing advertising copy can be work, but using a lifetimes worth of good writing to create a marketing campaign that improves how the world works, is soulcraft.

Passion and discipline combined, = soulcraft. Passion and Discipline bring achievement, and that brings hope and a good feeling. In this modern, disconnected work world, a lot of people don't know the good feeling that comes from doing "a job well done." This is why we want to build the Soulcraft Roundtable Micro-business Incubator. Help us build a shared business space that connects young and old and the past to the future.

Soulcraft is getting creamed out there these days. It needs a home to develop. It needs mentors to pass on these truths about work, and young people to bring their passion and energy to work and to life.

What can you bring to the table?



Loosely based on the Keck observatory in Hawaii (a 500 million dollar shared space), we want this to be a self sustaining not for profit that actually generates enough income to grow.


We expect a line up of people wanting to try out their ideas in our kitchen, so people who want to use this shared kitchen will first submit their plan to our selection team.

The selection team will be made up of Chefs, Entrepreneurs, and clever, wise people. (That could be you!) They will choose who can use this kitchen based on the business potential for their idea and their level of experience and certification.

These ideas will also be evaluated on "What's in it for the business? And what's in it for the Soulcraftroundtable?"


When new processes and methods are created using our space and equipment, then a share of those profits should be used for up-keep and expansion of the Soulcraftroundtable.


Create a Not for Profit that owns or rents a shared space kitchen that will allow innovators to create businesses and test their concepts without having the overhead costs crush them while they are creating a customer base to support them.
Create an informal business club that meets in that shared space kitchen so that seasoned entrepreneurs and start up business owners can mingle and develop innovative ways of doing business, just for the fun of it, the creative buzz. Community volunteerism.
Link with local universities and colleges to provide co-op students to create and document the processes that we will invent as we build the Not for Profit. The co-op interns would create the curriculum as we teach the part time workers the new skill sets required to work in these new businesses. The co-op students would then help create the marketing and distribution plans for the new businesses as they grow.