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Welcome to Glen Farms world of Small Batch Preserves.

The $7 dollars paid for photocopies for the first hand-drawn labels (we still have the receipt!) The imported beer bottles were for the herb vinegars. (stubbies just didn't have the right look.)

The old handed down recipe for strawberry jam taught us about the flavour you get by using old fashioned, time honoured cooking methods. In fact the preserves made by David were quickly recognized as something extra special. These beautifully packaged preserves were bursting with flavour in a way that nothing at the farmer's market could match. 

It didn't seem very long until a volunteer buyer from the Art Gallery of Ontario asked Glen Farms to supply their gift shop. The elegant country packaging was just what she wanted. Soon Glen Farms products were being sold, and creating loyal customers, in specialty food and fine gift shops all over Ontario.

With a genuine desire to remain true to the traditions and principles handed down in these turn of the century recipes, David now makes dozens of mouth watering products to tempt your palate from the breakfast table to late night snacks.


David has been perfecting recipes since 1985, and we think he's pretty much got it down pat now. He loves flavour, he loves history, and he loves the way food can bring them together. And there's plenty of both flavour and history in Glen Farms Jams, Preserves, Marmalades & Jellies. If you'd like to chat a bit and sample some for yourself, drop in sometime over at 630 Dundas St behind the Old East Grocer. You'll find him there most days creating some of your favourite childhood treats. And he's always happy to chat.


Manufacturers and purveyors of fine foods and gifts since 1985
Our time honored recipes were written before commercial pectins were invented. Just like these traditional recipes, we depend on cooking time rather than added pectins to thicken them. And David Glen is the genius Jam man behind it all.

David has passionately pursued getting these products to a place of culinary perfection for more than 30 years. You will be amazed at how much punch is packed into a spoonful of our jam—and it's all thanks to his persistence in his pursuit of excellence in his craft.


We can tell you about small batches, whole fruit, and no compromises because we know nobody makes them like this anymore.  You can't get Jellies like this at the grocery store or at a restaurant, you can only get them here at Glen Farms. 

We Love Flavour and we know that you'll love our flavours too.